Urban Observatory

The Urban Observatory of Riyadh is a center specialized in setting sustainable urban monitoring systems to monitor the progress of urban development in the city in all its aspects within an information framework that deals with the city as a comprehensive analytical unit in coordination between different data sources and linking them to policies, and aims to:
• Establishing urban follow-up systems to support strategic planning, local administration and data linkage to policies.
Produce and analyze urban indicators to verify achievement and progress towards goals.
Facilitate data collection at city and sub-city levels.
• Establish a coordinating framework for participation between government and private sectors and civil society.
• Analyze the current situation, and identify priority issues through consultation and interaction with partners.
• Cooperation and coordination with the National Urban Observatory, local observatories in the cities of the Kingdom, national observatories outside the Kingdom, and the World Urban Observatory to devise best practices in preparing measurement, monitoring and analysis systems and developing development policies and plans.